Act Like a Corper, Think Like a Gold

Foreword By: Brig-Gen J.B. Olawumi (Director General, NYSC)

All the secrets and strategies you need for an awesome service year REVEALED for the FIRST TIME. This is the book EVERYONE wish they had before going for National Service.

The book is a clarion call on undergraduates. prospective and serving corps members to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the mandatory one year National Youth Service programme to actualize their potentials throught self-development initiatives.
It will definitely make an interesting reading as I recommend it to all Nigerian youths. Brig-Gen J.B. Olawumi (Director-General, Natioanl Youth Service Corps (NYSC))

To ORDER your copy, simply send your "Name", "Detailed Address" & "Phone Number" as a message to the author via Emdee Tiamiyu (CLICK HERE).
Your copy would be delivered to your address and you can PAY ON DELIVERY

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